30/7 Sling advice available

Good news everybody! I can see people for sling stuff on Wednesday morning at my house in Newton, this is for more indepth advice where you need more than a quick run through, the equivalent of the consultations discussed here: http://wawishslingmeet.co.uk/uncategorized/summer-library-plans/

I can see two people for a maximum of one hour, if you are late then you’ll have less than an hour… I can also see groups instead during the hour but those people must want exactly the same thing.

If in doubt ask me! – Rachael

Summer library plans

This is quite important so please read it carefully, any questions email me on hello@wawishslingmeet.co.uk

Over summer my daughter is off school and we have no venues so the library will run based on the out of hours/lessons scheme.

Dates I am available will be released the week before (assuming I actually get that information from Grandma and Grandad) I will put them in here and on both the facebook page and group. You can then book for an individual consultation, an ‘out of hours hire’ (a hire with a short guide to using the carrier) or a door stop collection. If you’re not sure which you need just contact me.

NB: To reflect the fact that the library is only running this way over summer there will be no mandatory out of hours charge (although hire fees still apply) instead I am asking you to pay what you can by donation. Use the lessons/out of hours page to give you an idea of the suggested donation but as mentioned it will be pay what you can, so if you can’t afford anything please use our services for free just like a sling meet.

Remember that as always this a a professional service, I have attended paid for training courses run by a respected establishment, use high quality equipment and have many years experience. The library does not pay me for the time I spend working on it, although I am working hard to increase it in the hope that one it can give me a wage!


July Sling Meets

Short notice as they took a remarkable amount of organising, unfortunately we can’t use our Golborne venue anymore but Lisa from Birth 2 Potty stepped in and said we could use the shop this month, and I think I’ve found us somewhere for after summer!

There will be no library meets over the school summer holiday (although there will be a Birthday party in August!), instead things will be run a bit differently, I will post about that in a week or so!

The meets in July are as follows:
July 8th 11.00-14.00 Birth 2 Potty in Leigh
July 9th 12.30-14.00 Birth 2 Potty in Leigh
July 15th 11.30-14.30 Forget-Me-Not in Culcheth, Warrington
July 16th 12.30-14.00 Birth 2 Potty in Leigh