February Sling Library Sessions

St Helens 2/2/16 10.30-12.30 Playdays

Central Warrington 3/2/16 10.30-14.00

Leigh 9/2/16 10.00-14.00 Birth 2 Potty

Golborne 10/2/16 10.30-12.30

15/2-19/2 HALF TERM no library sessions

Culcheth 23/2/16 11.00-14.30

– Rachael

Newborn slings/carriers

We get a lot of teeny tiny babies passing through the library, those little scrunched up bundles need careful handling so I am constantly looking for new things that will hold them well.

Woven wraps and ring slings can be a good option as both are brilliant for absolutely womb fresh right up to, well the point at which you stop wearing!

Woven wrap on the left
Woven wrap on the left


My own personal favourite though is a stretchy wrap, I tend to favour two way stretch (they stretch both lengthways and widthways). I find them very forgiving for a new wrapper which cuts down the learning curve. When you watch us demonstrate don’t get put off, it’s much harder to watch then to do as once you’re doing it the moves are very intuative. It may take a few goes to feel like you’re getting the hang on it but if it’s something that appeals it’s worth persevering!

Stretchy wrap

If you like a stretchy wrap but the sleep deprivation has melted your brain a bit too much (or you just prefer the different way of putting it on) a clase caboo is a really good option. It’s essentially a stretchy wrap that’s half done for you. It’s pretty thick and has two pieces too it (and you need to use both each time!) but it’s fast and doesn’t need too much thinking which is definitely a good thing!

Close carrier on the left, stretchy wrap on the right

Hop Tyes have always been my go to if neither of the above options suit, it can be cinched down for little legs and is soft and forgiving.

Hop Tye

I’ve been hunting for a buckle carrier for ages though that would tick all my boxes. Today I debuted our new Beco Gemini which I was hoing would tick my boxes and it did! I even got to borrow a tiny little boy to try it out and I was impressed. It poppers smaller at the bottom to help little legs be in the right position. But it’s still snug at the top, as their legs grow we can widen the base with the poppers to keep the baby in comfortable ‘sitting’ position.

Beco Gemini with a slightly older baby on the wider setting

All these carriers can be hired from the library, me (the librarian) or the peer supporters can talk you through your options to help you choose the right one for you!

Thanks to library users (and Beco as I don’t have a gemini photo yet!) for the photos

– Rachael

An open letter to a Boba 4G



Dear Boba 4G,

I’m sorry. I thought we didn’t get on, I thought we just weren’t right for each other. I said it was me and not you but I was lying, I thought it was you. I was wrong though, I just didn’t give you a chance.

I knew you were happy with other people, I wanted to see other carriers and I was happy with them.

But something changed today. A tired, grumpy, teething girl came my way, you were the closest quick thing to hand so combined you me and her. She eventually let us soothe her to sleep, and oh Boba 4G, you were so comfy.

Thank you for not holding my bias against me, I know you’re still not the perfect carrier for me but I think we can have a better relationship now after our lovely afternoon together!


Rachael, a librarian who is happy to be proved wrong and is an excellent demonstration of the lesson to try something, even if you don’t think you like it…

P.S. The Boba and many other lovely carriers are available to hire from the library!