A few days ago I discussed some of what what I look for when I choose the slings/carriers for the library. I mentioned buying from a reputable source and here’s why.

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You may notice that I often steer people towards lovely UK retailers who have supported the library. These are usually wahp (work at home parents) who are making a living from being a babywearing retailer. They have the same indepth knowledge of the carriers are I do, sometimes even more (as they are usually also consultants) and as they are based right here in the UK each pound you give them works very hard.


There’s very little profit in babywearing. In other retail circles a mark up of 50% is expected, in babywearing though it’s a much much lower number, most manufacturers and retailers have decided that quality of manufacture is the bottom line so the margin between cost price and retail price is generally very slim especially when you take into account running costs. So again, every pound you give them works hard.

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Retailers will always support libraries as much as they can. They know that we work hard for little or no pay/reward so they will always offer discount to librarians for library stock where they can, pass on savings, create leaflets or just generally bouy us up, another good reason to give them your money!

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Philanthropy aside though there are one other vital reason to be go to a reputable source for your sling/carrier purchase. When you buy from them you know you are getting exactly what you pay for. Many user led selling sites or market places are rife with fakes, knock off carriers or ones that just aren’t up to scratch.

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How do you know you’re not getting a pretend or dodgy version? That can be hard to tell! There’s certain clues, for example if the price seems too good to be true then it probably is! But sometimes the fakes are so convincing that even a very experience babywearer or consultant can struggle to tell the difference, does this mean it’s safe? The jury is out on that one, my Provenance article talks about this more. And as per the article these trusted retailers will ask the questions I ask to make sure their products are safe fo the job they are intended to do.

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In short there are a whole host of very excellent reasons why I recommend that when you’re shopping do so through a reputable retailer, I’ve added logos for just a few of them in this article (you can find more on Sling Pages here) but as always any questions just ask me!

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September Sling Library Sessions

St Helens 6/9/16 10.30-12.30 Playdays

Leigh 13/9/16 10.30-14.00 Birth 2 Potty

Golborne 21/9/16/16 10.30-12.30 Treetops

Warrington (Culcheth) 27/9/16 11.00-14.30 Forget-Me-Nots toys and books

Warrington (Central) 28/9/16 10.30-14.00 One To One Midwives PAC (Note, this date is a change to the one previously published)

More details of each venue are in the “venues” tab above. If you’re on facebook you can subscribe to be auomatically informed of new dates here:

Slings: Will be available for hire and demo, to hire it is £4 per week (3 month block hire is also available. £25 for stretchy wraps, £40 for anything else) I don’t ask for a deposit as standard. Instead please bring along a piece of I.D. with your address and a picture of you on it (for example a driving license). If you can’t provide that please bring a cheque for £40 instead. Any problems just contact me via the sling meet page or website.

Important: Toddler carriers are by request only to save space in the suitcase. If you want to hire something specific please contact in advance to check it’s available. And back carries can ONLY be demoed and not taught for safety reasons. See below for consultations to learn back carries.

Be warned that this session can get very busy so time with peer supporters or the librarian are STRICTLY limited, private consultations are available

– Rachael


We added a pair of Guinea Pigs to the chaos in the librarian household, they came from Warrington Animal Welfare (they have lots of pets to adopt if you’d like one or two!), here they are!


I bought them a new hiding place and found the label interesting (And reassuring!):


You can see that it promises non toxic dyes, so it’s safe for our pigs to chew. This is pretty important as we don’t want poorly pets! It never occured to me to that a pet toy could be made using unsafe materials so I was happy to see that the manufacturers had thought of that for me!

Jen 2

I know that when it comes to carriers you’re probably the same, but that’s why I think of it for you!


Are the dyes used safe for little people to chew on? Is there insurance and testing? Are their instructions good enough so that if you forget what I’ve shown you it can guide you through? Do they take safety seriously? The slings and carriers I have in the library can tick all those boxes, plus I believe that they do the job they are intended to do well and without too much complication. I ask these question so you don’t have to!


This means that when it comes to buying one of your own it’s always worth buying the same brand as the library carrier (And buying from a reputable source but I’ll talk about that another day!) so you can be confident of quality and safety!


(Note: The library stock is not an infallible source, there are lots of carriers we don’t have that entirely safe and lovely, being in the library is a good sign, not being in the library is not necessarily a bad sign but please do play it safe and either pick the same brand as the library or ask us for help!)

Out Of Hours hires/drop offs suspended

At the moment trying to organise and run out of hours hires and drop off is having a significantly negative impact on my home life so I’ve made the dificult decision to temporarily suspend both of these additional services the library offers.

Consequently hires will ONLY be available during hire sessions and drop offs will only be received back at library sessions or via post. If you need to post back please contact me for details.

Upcoming library session dates can be found on facebook here (click subscribe to be automatically notified of new ones) or on the website via this tag:

If there are any problems please contact me.

– Rachael