Stretchy Wraps

I am a big fan of stretchy wraps, they’re long a long bit of magic fabric! You tie it around you and you can pop your baby in and out for magic soothing calmness and naps.

Lisa Wee


I’ll be honest, there is a bit of a learning curve with them, but you shoot up the curve remarkably fast, I tend to tell people to give yourself three goes to get used to it. After three goes most people have either got it, or feel like it’s starting to make sense.


Rebecca Hilton


A very big upside of stretchy wraps are their “popability”, you can tie it on and “pop” the baby in and out! So tie it on first thing in the morning and then put the baby on and off as you need! Perfect for school runs, shopping trips, weigh in appointments, doctor’s appointments or indeed anything else that means you need to leave the house!


Charlotte Ip


No prams to get up steps and find parking spaces for, and your baby is nice and warm with you!




When used correctly stretchy wraps and safe, always make sure your baby has a good clear airway, see our safety page and the article I wrote on provenance for information on choosing a wrap and using it safely. Or just come to the library, we’ll make sure you know everything you need to!


Sara Collinge


And lastly, don’t forget because you’ve got a new baby I enourage you to use those two free hands to eat cake (ice cream is an acceptable substitute!)

Ruby 2


– Rachael

Changes to t&cs

The Terms And Conditions you sign on hire are changing.

Some are minor changes, like I’m updating to let you know that you’ll get an email five days before your hire it due back, and also asking you to add the hire email addresses to your safe senders list. I’ve also made the library’s policy for extremely overdue hires very clear.


But there’s also going to be a major change so I’m giving you advance notice of it! From April 1st all HIRES and RENEWALS will be subject to late fees (on top of the standard hire fee you’re charged for hiring) if you don’t return or renew before your return date.

The charges will be £2 PER DAY for the first seven days the carrier is overdue past it’s return date. And £2 per week for every week after that.

I understand that the long term hires end on odd days so to reflect this if you return your hire to a LIBRARY SESSION (not to my house, it MUST be to a library session) within five days of your return date then the late fees will be automatically waived.

Late fees will be charged up to and including the day you pay for your renewal (Which means that if you send me money on Wednesday but I can only process your hire on Thursday you won’t get charged an extra days late fees!). If you can take a screenshot of your payment and send it to me that will speed up the admin process!

I’m hoping that these fees will add a little motivation to help people renew their carriers before they become overdue, or it will go someway to making up for the admin time spent chasing overdue hires!

As with everything I can waive fees at my discretion so if you have problems with anything get in touch with me as soon as you can and let me know what’s going on.

– Rachael

March Sling Library Session

Wigan (Central) 1/3/16 11.00-13.00 Hal’s Pad, Wigan Library

St Helens 7/3/16 10.30-12.30 Playdays

Golborne 8/3/17 10.30-12.30 Treetops

Warrington (Central) 15/3/17 10.30-14.00 One To One Midwives PAC

Warrington (Stockton Heath) 21/3/17 11.00-14.00 Red Lion

Leigh 28/3/17 10.30-14.00 Birth 2 Potty

Advanced notice: As part of super secret special project there is a planned change to some of the session from APRIL. Stockton Heath will move to Weds and Wigan will move to Tues, this will mean a long gap between Wigan sessions and a short one between Stock Heath sessions. Please keep an eye on the website for confirmation of these changes.

More details of each venue are in the “venues” tab above. If you’re on facebook you can subscribe to be auomatically informed of new dates here:

Slings: Will be available for hire and demo, to hire it is £4 per week (3 month block hire is also available. £25 for stretchy wraps, £40 for anything else) I don’t ask for a deposit as standard. Instead please bring along a piece of I.D. with your address and a picture of you on it (for example a driving licence).Want to save time when hiring? Then register here: Any problems just contact me via the sling meet page or website.

Important: If you want to hire something specific please contact in advance to check it’s available. All toddler carriers are by request only to save space in the suitcase And back carries can ONLY be demoed and not taught for safety reasons. See below for consultations to learn back carries.

Be warned that some sessions can get very busy so time with peer supporters or the librarian are STRICTLY limited, private consultations are available


Today is #1daywithoutus. I try not to be political within the library as I want everyone to feel welcome regardless of nationality, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, economic background or indeed political leaning. But given that first one I thought it was important to do something today so I came up with this!

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Anna.

purple wrap

She is possibly the funniest person I know (the kind of person you have to beg to stop because it hurts mightily to laugh so much). (The other person in the photo is Ellie from Peekaboo Slings btw!)

with Ellie

She sometimes has bright pink hair.

pink hair

She loves unicorns even more than my eight year old daughter.


And she also loves herself a penguin.


She runs a zumba class in Astley where she makes sure it’s dark enough to feel confident that no one can see you sweating your bum off and being uncoordinated. Plus she pulls ridiculous faces and puts all her effort into leading the class!


She used to be a peer supporter at the library but since she’s been forced to go back to work and now spends library days discussing trees (or something) she ‘just’ helps out behind the scenes (including giving me pep talks, or a bit of hand holding if you will!)

holding hands

She once brought me the most ridiculous and uncomfortable baby carrier I’ve ever seen and lent me her child to try it out, unforutnately we don’t have a photo of that as I am quite sure both our faces were a confused picture!

star wars

She once borrowed some slings under the guise of writing a review of them (read that here!)


She is, quite frankly, superb. My life and the library would be less without her.


Oh, and she’s Swedish.


– Rachael

Meeting everyone’s needs

Part of my job is to make sure that you all have all the information you need to make an informed choice, and then help you to choose the right tools.

I often get asked about baby’s facing outwards on your front and it’s nto a simple subject. There are lots of things to be aware of, these are well covered covered by Rose from Sheffield Sling Surgery so I won’t try to reinvent the wheel!

A mum came to me, like many do, and asked about facing out, we discussed the article above and she was happy that a carrier that had to option to face out for short periods would tick all her boxes. I sent her off with a Beco Gemini and the went to explore Rome and Florence while taking photos for me! I adore this, as carrying your baby comes in all different shapes, as long as your shape is safe and responsive bend to it how best meets your needs! Exactly as these parents did! Read this mum’s thoughts below the photo.

nerys ffof


“Came along to the sling library to hire a sling for our trip to Rome, Italy. Having read blogs about taking babies to Rome, it soon became clear that there was absolutely no point taking a pushchair with us due to crowds and uneven roads. We thought we wanted an outward facing sling only, until Rachael sent us a few articles relating to some of the issues (becoming over stimulated as well as risking not reading baby’s tiredness cues) that facing out could cause our little one.

Taking this on board we decided to hire a carrier that did both, and we took home the Beco Gemini. This was perfect! We would start each day in Rome with our 11 month old facing inwards, upon arriving at the monument we would face her outwards, and on the way back to our hotel she would face inwards. This meant that she had the opportunity to sleep when she needed to (which she did!) when facing inwards, as well as taking in the multi-sensory experience of being in a bustling capital city when facing outwards!

We wouldn’t have had such a great experience with a happy, settled baby without having the carrier. I am a definite convert! Thanks Rachael”

Tiny Changes

The other day I was talking about those times when I look at what you’re doing, make a small change and the pieces all magically falls into place. It’s immensely satisfying as a teacher but I do know it’s immensely frustrating from the other side.

I was once on that side too. In 2008 the world of slings and carriers was very different. There were a handful of libraries (maybe 2 or 3?) in the country, a similar handful of trained consultants (who had to go to Germany to get trained) and then a number of “Sling Meets”.

Sling Meets are a little different to a library (and are how we started!) it’s basically an informal bunch of people swapping what they know and helping each other.

I went to the one in Liverpool as it was there or Levenshulme in Manchester and I could get to Liverpool on the train. Heavily pregnant in August I walked to the train station caught a forty minute train to walk fifteen minutes to the venue! (I was dedicated!)

But when I struggled after she arrived? My DH took a day off work, we carried the pram up and down the steps at the train station and onto the train, forty minutes on the train walked to the venue, and when Claire (who ran the meet with Kerry, and they were both brilliant!) said “just move her straight at this point”, it all clicked into place. In defiance I refused to use the pram again!

So when you want to throw everything out the window, when I make a tiny change and suddenly it’s working in an infuritating manner just think of how much worse it could be!


Note, this is my baby and my Dh’s less than ideal wrapping! This photo is now just over eight years old, the wrap was opened up for a photo (and I think so she wasn’t too hot after coming in from outside) but it’s likely she wasn’t in perfectly to start with. Little acorns and all that!