Bring A Friend


To keep costs down you are all my advertising executives! You do a superb job and I thought it was time I motivate you to do it even more (and reward you for what you do!). For each friend you bring to the library (who pays to hire) we’ll write your name in a book. On January 1st (ish) I’ll draw a name at random out of that book and you can choose your prize from my little collection of cool (sling related) things!


You don’t have the physically bring your friend they can pass on your name when they come.
You can have your name written in the book multiple times but only once for each friend.
Each time your name is written in the book it will count as one entry.
You are resonsible for ensuring your name is handed in and written down at the time of entering. Names cannot be added at a subsequent date.
Your friend must be new to the library (or have not hired within the last six months) and must pay to hire.
You must be registered on the sling library myturn database and by entering you give us permission to contact you via your registered email address if you win. We will only look up for your details for this purpose and nothing else.
The winning email must be replied to within 48 hours or it will be redrawn.
In person collection of your prize is preferred but can be posted if required. There will be no cost for this.
This offer can be combined with any other offer we have as long as the other rules are still met.