Library Staff

In this section you can meet the volunteer staff of the library. Some have training (A Consultant has intensive training, a peer supporter has basic training) and some don’t have any formal training. Everyone will only show you what they feel confident teaching and have been trained to teach, so the admin staff will pass to you a peer supporter or consultant, and a peer supporter may pass you to a consultant for more complicated things.

Librarian Rachael
Rachael is the librarian and consultant, she trained with Trageschule for both her foundation (2011) and advanced (2012) courses. Her daughter has declared herself “the real sling expert” but what Rachael doesn’t know about slings isn’t worth knowing (or is worth knowing and she’ll find it out!) She is particularly passionate about making sure all children are carried safely. You can find Rachael at almost every session.


Consultant Carolyn
Carolyn trained with School Of Babywearing as a Peer Supporter in 2015 and then with Slingababy as a Consultant in 2017. She is the resident expert on multiples and her calm demeanor makes people feel confident in their abilities! Carolyn runs the Wigan newborn sessions (read more about them here!)

Peer Suporter Adele
Adele Trained with Born to Carry in March 2018. Adele is also a wrapper but you can tempt her away with a pretty Tula! Adele is constantly on the ball at the library, even when she’s chasing her toddler! She effortlessly combines her calm teaching style with also making sure the library staff are on track, and the paperwork is done well! Adele can usually be found at the Wigan sessions (full library and newborn!).

Peer Supporter Andy
Andy trained with Born To Carry in 2015, as you can probably guess Andy is ideal for anyone who needs a male perspective on babywearing. Beyond that he is very very funny and great at putting nervous people at their ease. Andy can usually be found at  Wigan and Warrington newborn sessions.


Peer Support Ashleigh
Ashleigh trained with Born To Carry in 2015, she is very much the go to for woven wraps in the library. She has an extensive collection and seeks to broaden her wrapping skills regularly with her cool, calm and collected manner. Ashleigh can usually be found in the sling library facebook group.


Belinda stretchy
Peer Support Belinda
Belinda trained with Born To Carry in 2015, she is always willing to try a new thing to the library so has built up an extensive knowledge, but her go to carrier is a ring sling. Another mother hen she makes parenting and wrapping look easy. Belinda can usually be found at the Central Warrington Sessions (full library and newborn).


Peer Supporter Claire
Claire trained with Born To Carry in March 2018. Claire uses her wrap and her Connecta equally depending on which is most appropriate for the toddler situation at the time! Claire is an artist in St Helens so knows as well as anyone the needs for hands free with a small child! Claire is superb at making sure everyone has all the information they need at all times. Claire can usually be found at the St Helens sessions.


Peer Supporter Emily
Emily trained with Born To Carry in March 2018. Emily loves Sleepy Nico buckle carriers. She is unflappable, ask her anything and she will deal with it with ease (but maybe don’t test that to a limit!). She is also superb at entertaining small children while you concentrate! Emily can usually be found at the Central Warrington sessions.


Peer Supporter Gwen
Gwen trained with Slingababy in 2016. Gwen is the area’s BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm teacher, she brings this training with her to the library as she soothes any frayed nerves (parents or babies!). Gwen carries her littlest big boy when he needs it, so if you need to know about toddler buckle carriers she is the woman to ask! Gwen can usually be found at the Wigan newborn sessions.


tula toddler
Peer Suporter Lisa
Lisa trained with Born To Carry in March 2017. If you’re feeling nervous about coming to the sessions Lisa is the perfect person, she’s calm and quiet but her enthusiasm for slings and carriers is amazing! Lisa adores tiny babies and would be more than happy to jiggle, pace, and generally cuddle your baby when you need her to! She can usually be found in the sling library facebook group.


Peer Supporter Naomi
Naomi trained with Born To Carry in 2015. Naomi is another wrapper, she has an excellent knowledge of everything else the library has to offer but her heart lies with wrapping so she’s the perfect person to guide you through. Endlessly patient she’ll have you wrapping confidently in no time. Naomi can usually be found at the St Helens and Skelmersdale sessions.


Peer Suporter Sarah
Sarah trained with Born To Carry in March 2018. Sarah’s youngest daughter is possibly one of the most passionate children about slings you’ll ever meet! Sarah has four children so she’s effortlessly soothing, calming and organised. She’s also one of our resident ring sling nerds! Sarah can usually be found at the full library Wigan sessions.


Admin volunteer Jardine
Jardine keeps us all in provides an effective link to the people in Skelmersdale! An active member of their lovely breastfeeding group she seems to know everyone and can organise anything! She’s enthusiastic about any kind of wearing and encourages new parents to find their own path and trust themselves, she’s a real calming and reassuring influence. Jardine can be found at the Skelmersdale sessions.
Jardine’s photo was taken by Jayne Barrie Photography.


Admin Volunteer Jess
Jess came to the library when her eldest was tiny and has loved everything she has tried since then, so she seemed the perfect fit as a volunteer! She combines volunteering at the sessions with juggling her smallest, and is often found with her own baby on her back, someone else’s baby in her arms and holding the tablet to sign out a hire! Jess can be found at the full library Wigan sessions.
Jess’ photo is from our Wigan Today article!