Please be aware that all hires are subject to late fees. The terms and conditions are here: Hires cannot be processed through the system without the terms being agreed to so all hirers have agreed to these terms.

Upcoming library session dates can be found on facebook here (click subscribe to be automatically notified of new ones) or on the website via this tag:

If you wish to rehire your item before it is due back, please follow these instructions.

Please bring your item back to a library session that is convenient to you, to extend is £4 per week or for long term (3 month hire) it is £25 for stretchy wraps and £40 for everything else payable via paypal or BACS. Use your return date as the start date to calculate the weeks/fees required. paypal is or use the link (please check the spelling or c&p if using one of those)

Bank details are
Name: Kangarinos
Bank: Lloyds TSB
Sort code: 77-51-07
Account: 24182668

Please email Belinda @ (no spaces!) to this when you’ve sent payment for the rehire letting her know how much you’ve paid, how you’ve paid and what sling/carrier you have on hire.

Items must be paid for during all the time that you have them. All hires are subject to the following late fees in addition to the standard £4 per week hire fee. £2 PER DAY for the first seven days the carrier is overdue. Hires returned to a library session within FIVE days of the return date will have these fees automatically waived. Then £2 PER WEEK for every week, or part thereof, after that. Late fees will be charged for every day up and including the day that payment is made or the day the return arrives in the case of postal return. In exceptional circumstances this fee may be waived at the discretion of the librarian. If you are unsure if you owe late fees please ask for details.