Virus Related Hiatus

Updated 24/3/20

Our venues are closing and based on Government advice it’s time for us to take a “Virus Related Hiatus”.
We’ve planned for this so don’t panic!

If you already have a carrier on hire: Once your hire is up we’re offering to waive hire fees until a week after we reopen. If you have the means to pay we’d love it you still paid, we won’t have much money coming in and we’ll still have bills to pay but the library will survive and we know that travel may be difficult or finances tight for many people (you will receive overdue reminders until we have a date for reopening but you can ignore them). We’d really like for you to help us advertise that we’re still open for drop box hires and once we reopen help us make lots of noise! Consider us offering to waive fees as a thank you in advance for that! (We’re also hoping lots of people at home may mean that we’ll get a bit of a boom in business in nine months time so we’re hopeful it will even out!)

If you need or want to return a carrier: As of 24/3/20 we are not accepting returns in order to ensure that you stay at home. This will last for at least three weeks so please keep watching for updates.

If you want to hire a carrier: As of 24/3/20 we are not hiring out any carriers in any way, this is in order to help ensure you don’t make an unecessary journeys. This will continue for at least three weeks so please keep watching for updates.

If you need to learn how to use a carrier (either one that you own or one that you’ve hired from us or elsewhere): A few consultants around the country are offering video consultations, these are chargeable but these consultants rely on their business to pay the mortgage so if you have the means please do consider it. Two of them are below:
Roamy (South East Slings):
Joanna (Carry My Baby):

If you have any questions please do get in touch with us

– Rachael and all the volunteers at WaWiSH Sling Library